Nothing more than a footnote (snow_leopard) wrote in alternativebook,
Nothing more than a footnote

Had a big clearout and looking to sell/swop some of my old books:

Clarke, Arthur C.Songs of Distant Earthpb£2
Clarke, Arthur C.Expedition to Earthpb£2
Goldstein, LisaDream Yearspb£2
Heinlein, Robert A.Fridaypb£2
Holt, TomOnly Humanpb£2
Holt, TomExpecting Someone Tallerpb£2
McCaffrey, AnneCrystal Singerpb£2
McCaffrey, AnneDragondrumspb£2
McCaffrey, AnneDragondrumspb£2
McCaffrey, AnneMasterHarper of Pernpb£2
McCaffrey, AnneTo Ride Pegasuspb£2
Silverberg, RobertAt Winter's Endpb£2
Silverberg, RobertStar of Gypsiespb£2
Silverberg, RobertThe Time Hopperspb£2

Bainbridge, BerylAccording to Queeneypb£2
Chevalier, TracyFalling Angelshb£2
De Vries, ClareI and Claudiuspb£2
Fairstein, LindaThe Deadhousepb£2
Fitzgerald, F.ScottGreat Gatsbypb£2
Follett, KenCode to Zeropb£2
Follett, KenThe Man from St. Petersburgpb£2
Galbraith, DouglasThe Rising Sunpb£2
Gambotto, AntonellaPure Weight of the Heartpb£2
Golding, WilliamRites of Passagepb£2
Griffin, NicholasThe House of Sight and Shadowpb£2
Grisham, JohnThe King of Tortspb£2
Hardy, ThomasA Pair of Blue Eyespb£1
Kellerman, JonathanThe Conspiracy Clubpb£2
Kellerman, JonathanThe Murder Bookpb£2
Kennedy, A.L.Now That You're Backpb£2
Lawrence, D. H.The Plumed Serpentpb£1
McEwan, IanAtonementpb£2
Napoli, Donna JoDaughter of Venicepb£2
O'Connor, JosephThe Star of the Seapb£2
Patterson, JamesThe Beach Housepb£2
Prior, LilyLa Cucinapb£2
Rendell, RuthSimisolapb£2
Sackville-West, V.All Passion Spentpb£2
Shreve, AnitaFortune's Rockspb£2
Shreve, AnitaStrange Fits of Passionpb£2
Tennant, EmmaWoman Beware Women/Wild Nightspb£1
Zola, EmileGerminalpb£1

Eco, UmbertoSerendipities (Language and Lunacy)pb£2
Fraser, AntoniaKing Charles 2pb£2
Hickman, KatieDaughters of Britanniapb£2
Postman, NeilBuilding a Bridge to the 18th Centurypb£2
Tyldesley, JoyceDaughters of Isispb£2

Terms and Conditions of sales: Postage and Packaging is £1 per item, £0.50 discount on postage per extra item ordered. Accept payment by Paypal or cheque/Postal Order.
Swops: Tell me what you are interested in and what you are offering in return. My tastes in books are pretty varied (not horror, chick-lit or romance).
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